Craft (Handwerk)

A great variety of specialists of the gun trade are concentrated in a very small area in and around Suhl. Incorporated into the regional tradition of gun making are Messrs. Ziegenhahn since the beginning of the century. Messrs. Ziegenhahn & Sohn Jagdwaffen e.K. as they are named today are committed to preserving the best gunmaking traditions, setting the goal of quality of their guns at the highest standards. Perfect craftsmanship and precision are combined with a natural feeling for ethical values and styling. These basic components flow into the making of each and every gun, which is made individually to customer’s specification. The enthusiast who loves beautiful guns is given the chance to accompany the making of his arm from the planning to the first shot. He can do so by paying a visit to our workshop and watching us at work.

The manufacture of game guns requires a very high level of craftsmanship and knowledge. We only employ very well trained gunsmiths who build perfect guns following step-by-step the art of gunmaking in all its complexity.

The barrel maker makes the different kinds of barrels; the lockmaker makes the locks and the actioneer fits barrels, action and locks; the stocker carves the stock and the fore-end joining these with the action and fore-end iron.

Then the finisher checks and adjusts the action so that everything functions well together; the barrel regulator sights in the gun and makes the necessary adjustments; the stock finisher treats the surface of the wood to a mirror-like gloss; the polisher polishes the steel parts before the engraver engraves the decoration.

Barrel blue and colour hardener then give the metal surfaces their last finish. Messrs. Ziegenhahn offer an individual service starting with their advisory service concerning repairs, adjusting stocks, mounting scopes and sighting in. Ziegenhahn guns are unique master pieces made in the old traditions based on thorough knowledge of gun-making and outstanding craftsmanship.
Our engravers are the very best you can find in the region and elevate our guns into genuine works of art.